Day 1, ladies and germs.

So the monthly goal for February is to define my image and brand. Interestingly enough, my first step in doing this comes from Facebook. I’m sure everyone who is as devoted to the Book of the Face as I am, noted last week’s Doppelganger profile picture blowout. Basically, you changed your profile picture to a celebrity that someone has told you you look like. Now, I don’t really have that happen to me very often. I think once someone told me I looked like Jorja Fox from CSI, But I’m not really in agreement with that. So I put up a little status informing everyone of my total lack of celebrity lookalikes. To which my sister, who is a fan of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, replies by posting a picture of Amber Tamblyn. I’d forgotten that my sister always says how AT reminds her of me. So, I acquiesced and put up the picture of Ms. Tamblyn…

Later, I was on the phone with my parents, informing them of this here blog and project, and my dad said that I can look to celebrities I already know, to find inspiration for my image. Looking at the picture of Amber on my facebook, I suddenly noticed how cute she looked, and how she always seems to be looking cute (not hard when you’re that pretty, and your dad is RIFF!). This got me thinking about what her image and brand is, and if any element of that would be appropriate for me.

I think that what I appreciate about Amber Tamblyn’s image is that she looks her age. She appears adorable, trendy, well put together, and fun. I think I’ve made the mistake of trying to brand myself as a vintage 40s girl, which not surprisingly ages me a little. I try to be too glamorous in my little cocktail dresses, when it might benefit me more to dress more casually and more carefree. So that’s a direction I find myself heading.

Even better, I have contacted an image consultant that I had met through a life coach I met at an Abraham conference, and will most likely be meeting with her next week to see what might be possible. VERY COOL…

And, on the craft side of things, I just registered for the Musical Theater Master Class with Rachel Hoffman (of Telsey & Co) at The Network, taking place next Tuesday the 9th. SUPER AWESOME TIMES. 🙂

Tonight is also music auditions for my fabulous commercial acting company, The Actor’s Project NYC. If all goes well, I could be appearing in all 4 showcases in the month of February, which is 4 great opportunities to be seen by industry folk.

Not too shabby for a first day. 🙂