Not a huge day, at least so far. I set up a media page and a gallery so people can see me in action. You never know, someday someone who’s casting something might check those pages out and like what they see (positive thoughts, positive thoughts). Here’s hoping!

So as far as defining my image goes, I’m thinking I want to invest in some quality pieces of clothing. I know that’s not a hugely original concept, but I think it’s key for me. Stacey and Clinton (someone please nominate me for that show, please, NOW) have been saying it for years, and I know it’s true. Hopefully something that I’ll be able to figure out, possibly with the help of the image consultant i’ll be meeting with next week, is the stores I can find the right clothes for my body and style in, the right colors and cuts for me, and cultivate a fun, edgy, CAST-ABLE brand. 🙂 What do we think about these images?