I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, because of something that adds a bit of a challenge to this project: I work 9-5 in an office in midtown. Yeeeeeah. Usually I can grab a few minutes to post, but yesterday, not so much. This is why the first few months of this journey are going to have to be a little low-key: Tax season. Busy busy busy. This time last year I was in a show at The Flea, and still working 40+ hours a week… yikes. Still was a joyful experience. This year it looks like I’ll be fully available to work the 60+ hours that are normal during busy season. YAY!

Anyway, yesterday, as I was watching the today show, they had a guest named Martin Lindstrom, who owns a marketing firm in NYC called Buyology. He was talking about making your own personal brand (see, the universe keeps sending me all these signals that I am doing the right thing!). They had some tips for viewers, and this is how I interpreted them:

1. Define Who You Are: I am a strong performer that brings a natural, conversational ease to anything I do. I have a very tangible stage presence. I am consistently early wherever I go, and that means a lot to me. I bring an air of timelessness, that special something that stars had back in the day. I am someone who is fun to work with.

2. Become known for one thing: I want to be known for the subtlety and natural ease I bring to a character.

3. Create an air of mystery: This one I might need a little help on, especially since I’m faithfully posting this project online for everyone to see. 🙂

4. Create a signature look: Well, this is something I’ll discuss with the image consultant when I meet with her next week.

5. Leave a personal mark behind: I definitely plan on getting business cards, for use in situations where a headshot would not be appropriate.

SO TODAY, the same guy was on the Today show, and they did an experiment where they took a staffer, did some hair and makeup, hired her a pretend entourage, and paraded her through the streets masquerading as an unkown celebrity. It was very interesting to note that she got so much attention from unknowing people on the street, actually believing she must be a celebrity, even though they had no idea who she was. The point of the experiment was to show that human beings are by nature insecure, and we don’t want to look foolish. So, when we see someone surrounded by people, being snapped by paparazzi, and signing autographs, we feel like there must be SOME reason that person is getting that attention, and we should pay attention too. You have to create the appearance of attention, even if just at first. So, I will have to think about ways that I can fake interest in myself, because there’s a good chance that that interest will become genuine! I seriously might buy this guy’s book, because I find this all very interesting…

Well, last night I had showcase casting for The Actor’s Project NYC, and I have been chosen to perform my monologue in Wicked Love, which will be Thursday the 25th at 7:30 pm, at the Abingdon Theatre. I will also be singing in this showcase, and again on Friday the 26th (same time, same place). Yay showcases! Come and see me perform the monologue I wrote, “Dear Henry.” I tried out some new material in it last night, and got a LOT of laughs. It’s so much fun to write these things!

Going to a fabulous party tonight at my friend’s luxury apartment, attended by a lot of other theater folk, so this will be a nice opportunity to network with my colleagues! I’ll let you know how it goes.