So yeah, the weekend. Had a very nice few days with my bf, always appreciated. I intended to post each day, but I decided that one post, serving as a wrap up for the weekend would suffice. Did not end up having a voice lesson on Friday since my friend was sick, but we re-scheduled for this Thursday (I knew I’d get something to do this Thursday!). The party was great, it was nice to see some theater kids I hadn’t seen in a while.

Saturday we went into the city, and went into this really interesting musical instruments store. The point of going there was to sell a synthesizer, but I saw a lot of interesting items there, including an alto saxophone. I used to play the sax in middle school, and have contemplated taking my old one back from Phoenix and brushing up my skills a bit. Can’t hurt, you know? Especially since it’s listed on my resumé as a skill, and with all those Sondheim revivals where the cast is the orchestra. Might also get my guitar tuned up and de-warped (damn radiators) there, so I can get back to learning and be able to also list that as a skill on my resumé. We also went down to the Chelsea Market, which doesn’t have to much to do with acting or networking, but was just plain awesome. It’s like an amusement park for foodies!

Sunday I visited with my therapist (everyone’s gotta have one), and she gave the the info for The Actor’s Green Room, since apparently one of her other clients is involved with them (you never know who knows someone you should know). We also went to the Whitney Museum, and checked out some art (always good for the soul).

Today I am meeting again with the industry coordinator for The Actor’s Project NYC. It’s a wonderful service she provides, advocating for you to specific industry people, talking you up, sending them professional looking packets that they are sure to read. She’s got a few names that she was thinking of for me, and I’m excited to get to know some new people who could get me jobs!

So, continuing to rock, and this week I will be handing out headshots and resumes with the address for this blog on it! Woohoo traffic!