So I met with the industry coordinator last night, and she thought I might do well in television hosting… interesting. I’d have to become more adept at talking to strangers, but that’s another part of this whole project itself. It’s an interesting idea, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what might come out of her sending my headshot to the contacts she has in mind. 🙂 YAY!

So tonight is the musical theater workshop, at Telsey with Rachel Hoffman. We’ll each be performing a 32 bar cut (such a luxury, I never get to sing 32 bars!), and a 16 bar cut. Contrary to what I usually do, I’ll be singing “Gotta Move,” from Color Me Barbra, for my 32 bar cut, and probably “Come To Your Senses,” from tick…Tick..BOOM! for my 16 bar. Under normal circumstances, I’d bring in Senses for my main piece, but I’m trying something different. I really love Gotta Move, and I’m excited to finally have it in my book. I’m a little nervous, I want this to go well, since you never know what might come out of meeting with any industry professional. But I’m going to try to look at this from the perspective of learning and perfecting my audition package, which I know will be invaluable. Still… AAACK!

Tonight I’ll be wearing my moto jacket, black straight leg jeans, turquoise t-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft (love that store SO MUCH), and either my gold metallic Chucks or 5 inch blue suede heels… can’t decide. Plus my grandmother’s wishbone necklace for good luck. 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes!!