The workshop last night was… AMAZING! I was pretty nervous all day waiting for it, but once we all got there and Rachel Hoffman started talking, I knew I was going to have a great night. It was especially fun meeting new people, who were all so talented. I even met someone from AZ, who knew a lot of the same people I knew (I love New York)! I went last out of 15 people, which was fine by me. I immediately recognized our accompanist from my days at AMDA, and he was just such a friendly guy, as well as a wonderful pianist. I performed “Gotta Move” for my 32 bar cut, and I think I sounded pretty great. Rachel’s feedback was that I sounded great, but she wanted me to watch and see what my results are as i take this piece out to more auditions, because she wasn’t sure how it would go over. She knew she had heard the song somewhere before, and I had a lot of fun relating how I had first heard the song in one of my favorite movies, “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar.” It’s playing right after the girls buy the car and have just begun their journey across America. I’ve seen that movie 50 bajillion times, and had always thought “That song needs to be mine!” So, I finally went out and found it. Next I performed “Come to Your Senses” from tick…Tick..BOOM! Also went well. She said that this was a difficult song to go into for a 16 bar audition, as it’s coming into the most emotional, meaty part of the song straight away. She clarified and said that that didn’t mean that I shouldn’t do it, but I should be conscious of the challenge in that song. I agree a lot with that assessment, since I’ve had the experience of having to sing that at not only many 16 bar cuts, but also an 8 bar cut (Rent… must’ve been 300 kids there, and it was only 10am). So, while I do love that song and will keep it in my book, I’ll have my eyes and ears open for any other 16 bar ballads. Got some nice feedback from the other performers there. One guy said that I need to sing everything Liza Minelli’s ever sang (I agree!). Also got compliments on my shoes (of course.) 🙂 And today I will be sending out my very first postcard (yes, yes, i know) to Ms. Hoffman to invite her to come see my showcases with The Actor’s Project. I’m all growns up!

So TODAY is nuts: There is a blizzard, in case you live under a rock and haven’t been scared shitless by the media. Really, I couldn’t care less, I just wish it wasn’t so crappy out when I have such a full day, and such a heavy duffel bag full of outfits to carry. Tonight, right after I get off work, I will be running down to the photo shoot for Citizen Stock. It’s basically getting a few portrait shots done, that may or may not be used as stock photos, and I may or may not see a little money from them. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and hey, I can always use another way to get my face out there. And right after that, I will be hauling ass through the snow to the Oasis Lounge at the W Hotel to meet with an image consultant acquaintance of mine, to discuss possibly overhauling my brand! YAY! Very excited about the days events, if a little distraught about the weather. Oh well, fame waits for no chick.