Yesterday there was a big storm. And because of this big storm, a whole bunch of people all around NYC thought it was cool to cancel all their plans and obligations. As a result, my day was majorly screwed up. Here’s the short version:

It seemed like I would get out of work early, so when the photo studio called and asked if I could come earlier (everyone else had cancelled due to the weather), I said sure. I called to reschedule my appointment with the image consultant, since I didn’t want to hang around in the city all night, especially with the snow continuing to fall. I was about to leave the office when one of my bosses asked me to stay to get some other work done. I stayed… and ended up waiting 2 hours for the work he needed done to be READY for me to do. I had to totally reschedule my already rescheduled photo shoot (and even if there hadn’t been any storm and it was a normal day, I still wouldn’t have made my original appointment time, i was waiting THAT LONG). And once he had it ready, it took me all of 8 minutes to do… So, needless to say, I was pretty pissed and depressed.

But I did mail off that postcard, so I guess it wasn’t a completely wasted day.


The photo shoot is now set to take place on Wednesday the 24th, and I’m meeting with the image consultant on Tuesday the 16th. Waaah.

Tonight I’m having my rescheduled voice lesson, so that should be fun. Got an interesting casting notice forwarded to me that I might submit for… so yeah.

I wish New York didn’t shut down everytime it snows… you’d think they’d be prepared by now.