Had a nice Valentine’s weekend. Gotta love having a boyfriend who actually likes doing nice things for me. 🙂 The workout on Friday went well, I know you’re all dying to know, haha. It was nice to get back in there, hopefully I’ll be able to make time in my never-ending schedule to go more often. Also on Friday we went to BAM (never been there, was a cool place) and saw Tracy Bonham. Very very cool, reminds me why I want to learn an instrument and accompany myself, doing open mikes and such.

Saturday I selected the song I’ll be performing in the showcases for The Actor’s Project NYC. It’s called “Subway Paranoia,” written by Seth Bisen-Hersh, who’ll be accompanying the all the showcases. It’s a hilarious piece, and I think most New Yorkers will be able to identify.

Sunday my boyfriend and I worked a little bit on my guitar skills, and now I remembered why I love that thing so much! I’m going to get better with practicing, I promise. It’s just so cool to be able to play a whole song, self-contained.

Today is President’s Day. Which means most of America is off work… not I. At my job, there are no holidays before April 15. So here I am, diligently working. Tonight I have a rehearsal with Seth to go over both the song I’ll be singing at TAPNYC, and the song I’ll be singing in his 100th showcase celebration the first week of March (he selected his favorite performers out of all the showcases he’s ever done, and I get to sing in 2 shows! AWESOME!). Oh, and I reserved my spot in the 3-week workshop with Tara Rubin casting! AAAH! Good things are coming, I can feel it.