Fortunately this time the media didn’t hype it up and try to scare people into staying inside and ruining my day. So, as far as I know, today is still happening.

Had my session with Seth last night, which proved to me that I need to be rehearsing these songs more. 🙂 I just haven’t had a lot of time (gee, i wonder why) to go over them, so that’s going to be a major focus of the next couple of days, and next week up until the show.

Tonight I will (FINALLY) be meeting with the image/brand consultant. I am very very excited, seeing as this might be the jumping off point for accomplishing the monthly goal for February. Not to mention I seriously need a style revolution. I think I might be doing laundry and doing a MAJOR closet purge this weekend… Anyway, we’re meeting tonight at 6:30. I’m sure I will have plenty of good stuff to post tomorrow!

Here’s to acting success, cuz let’s face it: I need the money. Just did my taxes…