A quick post, since I’m about to run off to dress rehearsal for Wicked Love (playing Thursday the 25th at 7:30, at the Abingdon Theatre).

So far the feedback I’m getting is interesting. Apparently I come off as very bold/brassy. Not that that’s a bad thing… just wondering how that helps or hurts me. I want to appear powerful and capable, but I don’t want to be harsh or turn anyone off. I don’t want to put on girly airs and pretend to be some simpering flower either. Huh.

Also, you might notice to the right of your screen that I have added a PayPal Donation button… Just saying. 🙂 Feel free to donate whatever amount you deem appropriate, every little bit helps. I’m not a starving artist at the moment, but I plan to become one sometime this year, and can take whatever help anyone wants to give me.

Also, at the gym yesterday, I pretty much finalized that the goal for March will be getting in shape, especially in preparation for the headshots I will be getting later this spring. I will be thinking about that goal and making it a little more specific soon.

That seems to be all. I’m off to sing and to monologue.