Well, I’m back. Weekend was pretty cool, I have to say.

Saturday, since I spent the weekend with my bf in Flushing, we took in the Lunar New Year Parade. It was actually pretty damn cool. I don’t know how it compares to the one in Chinatown, but I kinda liked the community feel of this one, reminded me of the parades back home. We got to see a lot of the local color, such as the random old dude in leopard print with a neon yellow beard. Oh, and dragons and stuff. 🙂 As far as the career goes, I did a little work on my monologue and song that I’ll be performing this week (Wicked Love is Thursday at 7:30, I Heart Manhattan is Friday at 7:30, both at The Abingdon Theatre, 312 w. 36th street, tickets available here). And I also got some more interesting feedback on my image from facebook friends.

Sunday was a bang up day. I had my 2nd meeting with Chris Oh (and a banging hot chocolate). We talked for quite a while, getting further into my current lifestyle, what kind of image i’d like to project, and possible style archetypes. She’s going to be getting back to me this week to quote me a package deal (AWESOME, so nice of her to do that for me), and then hopefully we’ll be getting started! In the meantime, I’m going to be going through my closet and trashing some clothes that really need to be voted off the island…

Today, I’m getting a facial at Lia Schorr, that I got a great deal on from Groupon (gotta love Groupon). It’s definitely needed, to be frank. I’m very excited to have a little pampering time, as well as doing something nice to improve my appearance (every little bit helps). I’m also re-upping my efforts with the Law of Attraction, and I’m currently attracting $5000 extra for myself in the month of March, to help pay for workshops, headshots, image consulting, and my taxes (hey, is that a Paypal button over there? I think it is!). I’ll let you know how everything goes. 🙂

Love, Luck, and Lollipops-