Last night we went grocery shopping at BJ’s (It’s all about the bulk shopping. I save so much money it’s not even funny). I got some healthier stuff, less junk. And no candy! Hooray! We’ll see how happy I am this weekend with nothing to munch on, but as for now I am proud. Today I get to go to the gym, which is great. This month I will be making the gym a super priority, and from past experience, I know that regular workouts go very far in helping me feel good and toned up. Just submitted for a couple of things off Backstage, so that’s good.

Tomorrow and Friday I am singing in Seth Bisen-Hersh’s 100th showcase celebration at Don’t Tell Mama, and I still need 1 person each night to come! Seriously. The music is great, and the performers will definitely be impressive (if I do say so myself). Please Please reserve your seat here for Wednesday and here for Friday. I really need your support, since if I don’t have the right amount of people show up, I have to pay (and lord knows I CANNOT afford this). Come check out what the hype is all about! My hype! And let me know you’re coming (and bringing all your friends).