You will enjoy this, I promise, if you attend. Very funny songs, very talented performers (of which I am one). A very cool way to spend a Friday night, at a swanky New York City piano bar. And the cherry on the top of this is ME! Reserve your seat here. I really appreciate your support.


Gym last night, did my circuit upstairs. I’ve recently upgraded to lifting 20 lbs weights for my bicep curls, 15 lbs for lats, delts, and chest. I am strong, like bull. Did my pilates leg exercises, as well as some ab work… blah blah blah. I wish I could go to the classes, but I HATE PRETTY MUCH EVERY TEACHER THEY HAVE THERE RIGHT NOW. The only teacher I do not hate is Betzy, and she only teaches the Monday class. Tuesdays and Fridays are this HORRIBLE woman who SCREAMS numbers at you and does endless repeaters (i hate monotony). Wednesdays is this dude who, while he has a great butt, has no talent for making me sweat. Total wuss. Thursdays is this little old lady who supposedly teaches Salsa Aerobics, but it’s a MESS. As a dancer, I cannot abide people who cannot count to music, and this woman seriously does not seem to even HEAR the music, her movements are so spastic. I get so annoyed and distracted by her that I just give up. So until the next season of classes (and I pray to god, new teachers) rolls around, I am stuck doing my own workouts, which is not as much fun. To counter this reality, I downloaded some workout videos last night that might be fun, just so I have someone/thing leading me and giving me new ideas… grr. Definitely ready to get back in shape, NOW-ish.

By the way, does anyone know of any good ways to make some extra money? I could use a little cushion, what with taxes and all (i’d like to draw your attention again to the Paypal donation button on the right bar). Any advice would be appreciated. As would a singing/acting job.