Good weekend. The Friday show for Seth’s 100th showcase celebration went really well, and  I put up the youtube video of it on my media page. CHECK IT OUT!

Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to see Alice in Wonderland, which was good. I don’t really have the highest standards when it comes to movies, all I ask is that you entertain me. And I was entertained, for sure. It sucks that IMAX 3D is such an amazing way to watch movies, because now I’m pretty much locked into seeing anything that come in that format, 18.50 a pop. I thought that it was an interesting take on the story, and that Helena Bonham Carter was really fun. See, that’s an interesting career, hers. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of resume.

Sunday, of course, was the oscars. My fabulous friend, Amy Jackson, hosted a low-key get together in her apartment, where we proceeded to pick apart everyone’s outfits, skin, posture and speeches. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night, indeed. I think that it’s cool that the oscars spur interest in smaller films, and that usually there is at least one nominee every year who just came out of nowhere and impressed the whole film community… I wouldn’t mind being that nominee someday. 🙂 I haven’t had experience in film acting, but I have a feeling I’d be well suited for it. I have a very subtle style of acting that I think would translate well onto the screen. hint hint cast me nudge cough.

So today I’m continuing with March’s goal of healthy living, going to the gym and eating well. I think that after I get home from the gym, depending on how tired I am, I might even do one of the shorter exercise videos that I downloaded last week. Tomorrow the 3 week workshop for Tara Rubin begins, and that’s gonna be so much fun. 🙂 Very excited to get in front of even more casting people. Here’s hoping, again.