Seriously. i was looking for them this morning and could not find them. I know I had a folder of them that I brought to the TAPNYC showcases… hmm…

Anyway, the gym last night was great. FINALLY was able to go to Betzy’s kickboxing class, which was fun. My job threatened my ability to get there on time, but I pulled it together and made it work (cuz i’m awesome like that). Feeling very proud of myself and how well I’m doing.

TONIGHT is the 1st of 3 nights with casting directors from Tara Rubin casting. Gonna sing a 32 and a 16, most likely “Gotta Move” and “Come To Your Senses.” That is, unless I change my mind, which is highly likely. 🙂 I had no idea what to wear to this, so scrounged around this morning and settled on my blue jeans, black chucks, and a grey 3/4 shirt. Possibly with a floral scarf, if i don’t feel like it bulks me up too much. Wanna make a good impression… aaah.

I just ate, so I cannot string together sentences. I’m a tired girl… Wish me luck tonight.