The Friday night workout went well, did an hour on the treadmill.

Saturday I was going to go to this audition for Children of Eden, but fate stepped in and didn’t let me. An exhaustive search of my bedroom did not yield any of those missing headshots, so I was going to have to be forced to use one of my older shots (a pretty one, but not industry ready. black and white, no border around the picture). Then when I went to print out a resume to attach to the back of it, I found that my printer does not have any ink… So after running around my room for an hour, digging under clothes and through much dust, I took these happenings as a sign that I probably shouldn’t go (it was raining cats and dogs as well). And also as a sign that it is time to reorder more headshots and buy ink. đŸ™‚ So instead I did my laundry (very important), and sand my new song a bit around the house.

Sunday, while talking with my therapist, I came to the conclusion that acting classes/scene study are something that I really need, especially to refocus my priorities. I’ve had a tough time reconciling my want of acknowledgment and approval from the industry and the audience with what my true focus should be: to move the audience. I need to be OK with myself enough to not take my “type” as some kind of judgement against me. I have wanted to be cast as a leading lady because I want that validation that I am, in fact, attractive and lovable. In my head, being a “character” actor has meant that I am ugly, overweight, nerdy, or a slut, since those are usually the roles that character actors receive. But I shouldn’t be concerned with those judgements, I should be more interested in truly inhabiting a role and making that person come alive, whatever flaws they might have… life lessons. So I think getting into class would be a good next step for me. Anyone have any classes they could recommend?

Tonight is the first rehearsal for the concert piece I’ll be performing on March 25th, written by Elizabeth Swados. I’m very excited to see my old friends, meet some new ones, and learn some new music. I will let you know how it goes.