Well hello there chickadees. Here’s the rundown from last night:

Eric Woodall was our guest last night, and he was such a nice guy. Very polite and kind with us, and offered some really great feedback. When asked what grabs his attention during an audition, he gave us a very valuable clue: singing softly. Sounds easy, but it’s kinda rare in this day and age. An interesting tip for me, also, since belting really loud is sorta my trademark. 🙂 But it’s something I’m going to consider very carefully. He amended that nothing is too big if it’s connected, which is something i really need to work on. I sang “Come to your senses” as my 32, which went pretty good. Eric said that it was good, but the first part of my cut (come to your senses, suspense is fine) wasn’t really necessary (i don’t usually sing that part in auditions). He said that when I get to “deep in my eyes,” I become very connected, and I need to figure out what I’m doing there that I can take into the rest of my song. He said that I’m doing very well with my “rock chick” thing… which kinda made me laugh a little, since I wasn’t even going for that. But hey, good is good. 🙂 I sang “What you don’t know about women” for my 16, and it went OK. That’s a challenging song for me since the ending is very wordy and the open vowels (difficult for me in my head voice) are on the highest notes. He said that he felt it was good that I was trying to bring a song that was in my head voice and not belty, but that he wasn’t sold on this particular song for me (i totally agree). So I know now I REALLY need to find another head voice song.

Eric offered some tips for us in general: We have to be COMPLETELY PREPARED. That means knowing the song backwards and forwards, and our acting beats and intentions, COLD. However, we have to somehow make it look like we’re experiencing it for the first time. We can do that by focusing on each and every word as we’re singing it, intensely.

I got a bunch of nice comments on my outfit, so that’s cool. 🙂 Also some other kids in the class gave me some interesting tips. Clyde said I should look at [Title of Show.] I couldn’t find the album to download last night, but I might buy it when I have some money. Also I might steal some songs that the other girls brought it (acting is all about stealing). And I should wear jewel tones. 🙂

Anyway, tonight is the gym, which is great. And then I’m going over to my boyfriend’s to eat some corned beef and hash (woohoo, i’m Irish y’all). I’m feeling very excited about IntenSati, and also I might try out hot yoga (Liz said you burn 900 calories a session… woot). I be up in the gym just working on my fitness.