So busy at work today, didn’t get a chance to update. But at least i’m on the right day! So anyway, Saturday I walked a whole bunch around Flushing! yay exercise. We walked from Flushing Meadows Park through the botanical garden, then to Kissena park. So much walking…

Sunday we walked a little bit more. Damn. It was such a  nice weekend tho, we felt like if we didn’t get out, we’d be total suckers. But a very good weekend of beautiful weather and good exercise.

Today MORE EXERCISE! I went to the gym and had an amazing kickboxing class with Betsy. much calorie burning to be had. 🙂

Tomorrow is the last class with Tara Rubin casting, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do Glitter in the Air… maybe. 🙂 I’ll miss this class, it was so cool. Rock on The Network.