Well, that was awesome. Last night was the last night of 3 with Tara Rubin Casting, and our guest was Laura Schutzel. She was very cool, and had a really pointed sense of humor. She definitely cracked me up a few times. AND she called us in alphebetical order, which was fabulous. 🙂 I SANG GLITTER IN THE AIR (FINALLY), and it went well. I must’ve not been clear with setting the tempo (oh by the way, have I mentioned how much I love our accompanist, the lovely and charming Adam McDonald?), so it was slower than I would’ve liked, but it went well anyway. It was an interesting experiment for me to get to sing that song, since I’m not sure I would ever bring that into an audition. But Laura liked it, said that it seemed connected. She did add tho that the song didn’t end in a new place, and that in an audition, the casting crew want to learn as much as possible about each performer through what they perform. I didn’t take the song to a new emotional place in the last verse. I can work on that, I think, but I still don’t know if I’d take that song out to play anywhere other than a cabaret or demo. I did a 16 bar of Big Time, which was good. Laura said that it was a good contrast with the first piece, since it’s a big splashy broadway style number compared to an understated rock ballad. Anyway, she was complementary and really nice.

All in all, I just had the best time in this workshop, especially getting to meet such cool people. I mean, we stood around talking after we were done for about 40 minutes or something! And it was really informative to talk with people who are totally commited to the game, have great insights, and who I totally respect. I got some great feedback and comments from people, and it’s always nice to hear those things and refill the self-esteem bank every once and a while. 🙂 I feel like that with some coaching and tweaking, and some new songs, and with, you know, GETTING MY ASS OUT THERE, that things could really happen for me, and that I do, in fact, deserve to be here. Yay. Love you guys.

So tonight was supposed to be the final rehearsal for the Triangle Fire piece, but apparently the rehearsal was canceled (thanks for the email! that would’ve sucked big time). So I’m gonna go over the songs again tonight by mahself, and totally rock it tomorrow.

 OH BY THE WAY- I updated my resume a little bit. I need all y’all’s professional opinions on how you think this looks. Does it stick out (for good or bad reasons)? THANKS!

Love, Luck, and Lollipops-