Saturday was the IntenSati/Capesco seminar, and it was… AWESOME. I haven’t worked out so hard in years. Man. I’m totally in love with it. There are monthly workshops for it, for 80 bucks, and I’m totally going this summer. During the Capesco part of the seminar, we learned about how to set effective goals, and the goal I set for the month of April is… well, it’s related to my career, let’s put it that way. 🙂 I don’t know who reads this, so I gotta keep that private. But suffice it to say, it’s a very useful goal. I was very into their program and what they offer, so I signed up for the Artists in Action program, which gives you access to a lot of online resources for career management in the arts. Super fun.

Sunday I met with my therapist, and we talked about career stuff, and whatnot. Also, she told me she’s leaving my network, so I guess whenever that happens then I may stop going. I can’t really afford a real therapy program out of pocket. So perhaps I’ll have to go it alone for a bit, which is an interesting proposition. I think I’m in a good place right now, so we’ll see.

Today is the gym! This week is actually looking very open and free for me (woohoo!!!!!!) so there will be much gym-ing, and much room-cleaning and clothes-tossing. Excellent work.