Well, it seems as if today everyone decided to get stuff done, and that means that stuff ends up on my desk. Lots to do today. ARrrrg.

Last night at the gym was frustrating. Monday’s is a popular class, so even getting there at 5:18, most of the good spots in the front were taken. So I found a really awkward place near the back corner… which turned out to be the “special” corner, full of old women and the ridiculously uncoordinated… it may seem snobby, but I am prejudiced against anyone who cannot count to music, and move in a non-spastic fashion. I was stuck behind this woman who didn’t seem to be very spatially aware, and kept creeping closer and closer to me, and doing all her moves off beat. By the end of the class, I was imagining that I was jab punching the back of her skull. Ugg. It’s very distracting to me to see people who can’t seem to understand that perhaps when every other person in the room is kicking with the opposite leg than they are, they’re WRONG and should FIX THEMSELVES. And the music and bass are so loud that I can feel it reverberating in my chest, so I KNOW you can hear it. So, stop dancing all kooky. Move when the bass goes BOOM.

Anyway, I’m not going to the gym tonight, since I am WORKING! AAAAH! When I get home (and I pray it’s stopped raining when I do), I’m gonna go over my book and some new songs I just got. Hooray.