Today is everything I hate about my job… just an endless string of crap, filling me with bile and garbage and bad vibes. Not feeling good about myself today. Not at all.

Well, tomorrow starts the Artists in Action program from Capes Coaching. Lots of audio coaching, homework, and other resources. I really need this, I wish I had known about it when I started this blog, since it actually seems to be very much in line with the whole point of this thing I’m doing. I don’t know how in-detail I’m allowed to get with what the process is, since it’s copywritten, but I’ll let you know as much as I can. I think this will be a very good thing for me, since I respond well to limits and guidelines. I just have to push myself as hard (most likely harder) as I have been, and I think things will go well.

Tonight is the gym. Which is annoying. It’s days like these when I just want to run home, stuff my face with chinese food, wrap myself up in my comforter and mope. But no. Lucille calls. Then I’m running as fast as I can to Flushing, and my boyfriend. Man, I need a hug. And a drink.