Hello there chickadees. Well, I did go to the gym last night, despite the shitty day (hooray for me). I was lucky to not have a coordinationally challenged person in my eyeline this time, so the workout was much less stressful for me. Total Body Workout with Betzy. Weights and such. I noticed that my abs are getting a little stronger.

So I just got the email containing the first audio lecture for the Artists in Action program. I can’t listen to it at the moment, since I’m at work, but I’m looking forward to getting into it when I get home tonight.

Well, since it is April 1st, it’s time for a new monthly goal. I’ll try and keep these as separate as I can from the monthly goals of the Capes Coaching program, since I don’t want to encroach on their copyrights and such. But I think, since I had already set a goal for myself related to my job, I’ll extend that: The goal for April is to plan exactly when I’ll be making career purchases, namely my image consultant, headshots, postcards and business cards, and possibly a website and some demo tracks. I want to get these figured out to set up little landmarks for myself, to easily track my progress through the rest of the year. So I’ll be getting back to you on this goal as the month progresses.