So I listened to the Month 1 Lecture, and I’m definitely feeling it. It was a lot what we went over in the seminar, but the other things that will be available to me through this program sound very cool. I’m excited to do this work and get some guidance for my career. Yay.

I also went to the gym today, so that’s cool. Excellence. Lifted weights a little, did a little work on my lower back, then did the elliptical for 45 minutes. ROCK.

TOMORROW my parents and sister are in town! Woohoo! And we’re going to see a show, which is fan-f*ing-tastic. Don’t know what that show will be yet, but I’m just too excited to see anything. OH, and in other fabulous broadway news, HEDWIG is coming to Broadway. AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Yitzak here I come!