So I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday. But I was out by 2, and met up with my family, who were all in the city. I had some interesting conversation with my mom re: my career, which was really enlightening. We ended up going out to dinner on restaurant row (which was not the greatest. not necessarily the food, but being in Times Square at 6pm on a Saturday? Torture). Then we all went to see NEXT TO NORMAL. Which was, obviously, awesome. The understudies for Diana and Dan were both really great, and I got to see Kyle Dean Massey play Gabe (he played Matthew in Altar Boyz when I worked at New World Stages, and he’s really great). It was also interesting since Merri Sugarman from Tara Rubin had told me that I could possibly play the daughter. While I think that the music is slightly above my range, I know that in 15 years or so I could definitely play the mom (much good it does me now). But it was a joyous experience to see a broadway show again (last time I saw anything was Little Mermaid last August), and my sister and I reaffirmed our intention to see shows more often. It is, as Merri reminded me, my job to be familiar with what’s out there.

Sunday was another day with my family and my boyfriend. We had a fantastic brunch at Eatery, and then went to the Guggenheim. That was a very curious museum… a strange mix of photographs and classical paintings. But it was worth seeing, if only for the artistic inspiration. My family went back to the hotel to nap, and my bf and I hung around in the city (did you get a load of the weather this weekend? insanity). We all met up again to take the Staten Island ferry, which was really fun (throwing pretzels at the seagulls and such). Then we proceeded to get completely lost in the financial district, but found a little Japanese place that was open (damn easter), much to my sister’s delight. Afterward, we all parted ways, with my family back to the hotel, and the two of us back to Queens. Great f-ing weekend, indeed.

So tonight I’m back at the gym, for Betzy’s kickboxing class. Then room cleaning, I SWEAR TO GOD.