Did the gym last night, it was fine. I’m not getting as exhausted as I want to, tho. That may be because I have to modify a lot of the moves, since my knees can’t jump and bend as much as Betzy seems to think they should. All I know is that the Intensati workout absolutely killed me, in an excellent way. Maybe because the windows were shut the whole time and I was sweating like a pig. The ladies at my gym must have full blasting air conditioners plus fans. I swear, they don’t wait more than a full minute into a workout before one of them runs up and switches on the fans. Everytime I see that, I just want to scream “You pansies!” Man, if I was a trainer at this gym, I would not tolerate half the shit that goes down at Lucille. Ladies working out with their big ol’ ghetto hoop earings in, hanging out in the back of the class and half-assing it while chatting with their girlfriends, getting the 3 pound weights when the instructor specifically said 10 pounds or more. So few people just act like merely being at the gym burns calories. Nope, sorry ladies. You actually have to WORK. Sweat. Get ugly. If/when I am a fitness instructor, that will be my motto: Get ugly to get hot. You simply aren’t working hard enough if you don’t look like shit when you’re done.

sermon over.

Anyway, I submitted for a few singer things off Backstage today, so that’s cool. I’d love to be a singer for a band, no matter what kind of band. Just put me up there and let me go. 🙂

tomorrow I get to tour Chic Studios NYC, the makeup school I hope to attend this summer. Excellence.