7 days is the answer, not unlike The Ring. In 7 days, it will be April 15th, and busy season will officially be over. Work work work.

Last night I toured Chic Studios, even tho there wasn’t much to tour. It’s a small studio in DUMBO (Which, by the way, I am now officially IN LOVE WITH), they take 8 students a session, and it’s a 3 or 4 week course. It looks like a good place, so now my next step is to talk to my bank about loans. Yippee adulthood.

Tonight I’m trying out the YMCA gym in Flushing, since my boyfriend got some guest passes. Hopefully I won’t be stuck here for too much longer, I am seriously TIRED. I need a weekend… even an abbreviated one, such as this weekend will be. Stupid tax season stealing my Saturday. But at least they feed us…