The gym in Flushing was pretty cool (except for the whole almost getting nailed by a basketball thing), pretty big (15 ellipticals or something), and with TV’s in all of the cardio equipment (best idea ever). There are 2 pools too, which is fabulous. Got in 3 miles on the elliptical, which is decent.

Today I may or may not be working out. It depends on when I get out of work, and of course, strength of will. Who knows at this point. I hate that I get so bored working out, that’s why I enjoy classes so much more. When I’m working out by myself, I just can’t focus… ugg, I’m psyching myself out right now. I need to stop. I love working out, I love working out, I love being healthy.

As far as career stuff goes, I’ve made a bit of progress towards my secret monthly goal (haha, hoho heehee). I still have to talk to a few sources, get some top secret information, before I can move ahead with my plans (don’t read too much into it, it’s not that exciting). But all is well, and I’m very much enjoying imagining all the good things coming.

Now if I could only go home.