So Saturday I worked. For most of the day. It was annoying. But thankfully, when I got out, the bf was waiting for me. We stayed in the city for a while, as the weather was lovely, taking in the sights at Union Square and around thereabouts. We decided to rent a movie and chill at home, but there really wasn’t anything appealing at the Blockbuster machine. We settled for 2012, and chilluns… let me tell you. That movie was ridiculous, hilarious, and awful. I sincerely hope they were trying to be horrible, because otherwise, ouch. I laughed out loud several times at the sheer ridiculousness of the acting and the storyline. Definitely did me good to remember what kind of movies I DON’T want to be in. 🙂

Sunday we went back into the city to take care of some business, came back to queens, blah blah blah. Very boring day. But I did a little prep work for the coming week, including my audition today for Archie and Mehitabel.

So yeah, that audition is right after work (well, in between work, sorta. I gotta run out to Nola, and then run right back once i’m done). Is it April 15th yet? Man, this one was rough. But the end is in sight.

Did a little bit of thought this weekend about changes that I might make in my lifestyle, and i’m looking forward to implementing them.

Got another musical theater workshop coming up on the 22nd, just a one-nighter. But it oughtta be fun. 🙂

Oh my god, allergies. I am so crippled with hayfever. And hunger. That is all.