So last night, squeezed into the last few hours of a grueling day at the office, I had my audition for Archie & Mehitabel. I had a nice surprise walking in the door when I saw Seth Bisen-Hersh was the accompanist. He already knew my audition song, as I did it in the last cabaret I did with him. They asked if I had anything more legit, and I went into a slight panic mode until I realized that I now have, after researching legit stuff, Moonshine Lullabye from Annie Get Your Gun! Then I re-panicked as I remembered “oh, I totally don’t know the words to this yet.” But luckily the ladies behind the table were gracious enough to let me read over Seth’s shoulder. It went well, actually, and my instincts that this song would be good for me were confirmed (mental note: LEARN THE DAMN SONG). Then they asked me to do a time step while talking about cats, and then to act like an alley cat on the prowl… Now these exercises always throw me for a loop. I never know how far to take it. I instinctual went for the wing-time step, not that I was trying to show off or anything, but I always do that one around the house. But it’s the talking at the same time that gets me. In retrospect, I could’ve been much bigger with my movements, more exaggerated. After all, it’s easier to scale things back than to bring them out. At least I didn’t fall or anything. Then when I had to be a cat, I figured, given the nature of the character, that they didn’t want me to go full-on Jellical Ball. So i did some kind of coy prancing… again, looking back, I should’ve been much more confident and outgoing. I need to learn how to push past my own self judgements, and just go NUTS in an audition. That’s definitely a block for me right now, that I keep hitting upon.

Then I came back to work and didn’t leave until 7:45. Yeesh. Only 2 more days, thank god.

Today i’m working. again. But I’ll go over Moonshine Lullabye again when I get home. I think that will be a good, useful song for me, and I’m glad I found it. 🙂