The end of busy season is in sight, and I am overjoyed. Just gotta tie up a few loose ends here, and the storm has passed! No one has ever been as relieved as I. 🙂

I need an acting coach. I need someone to give me some insight on my audition songs, and help me get them to their absolute best. Sometimes I think I want to set up some sort of network for my actor friends to hook up with each other to coach, critique, and offer advice to each other. I’m a part of a google-mail group for my old acting company, but I’d like something more direct. And something people will actually respond to, since a lot of the time when I post something on facebook, I don’t get much response… perhaps I post too much on Facebook. 🙂 I dunno… But I think that it’d be great to rent a space, have everyone chip in some money for it, and just go through monologues or songs with each other to polish them up. A round table, so to speak. Anyone interested, or know of one i can join?

Anyway, today I may actually go to the gym! Hysterics! Other than that, I may be going to the Spring Awakening call on Sunday. They’re calling for 18 to 21, so I don’t know whether I want to waste my time, but I might just show up anyway. I don’t look that old, do I?