So the horror is over! I survived! Oh man, you cannot appreciate the relief flowing through me today, to know that I made it through the busy season, and that life can once again slow down. My time is again my own. Yeehaw! Now to focus on the goals I have set for myself.

I’d love some recommendations for headshot photographers, preferably ones for under $400. I probably won’t be taking the pictures until about August or September, but I really want to research this and find the right person to present me in the right light. I’m waiting that long to take them so I can assure that I will have all the personal elements of taking a good photograph in line (clothes, hair, weight, makeup).

I’m hoping to start the process with my image consultant in May, if my bank account allows. I will be moving before June 1st, so I will have some craziness next month (btw, anyone know of a great room for under $600? Astoria?). But I plan to make this move to a place that will save me money, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I know the first step with Chris will be to get opinions from those who know me on my style and image, so that’s a little nervewracking. If she calls you, be honest… but hopefully nice! 🙂

I just have to buckle down and take some time for myself to get things in order… don’t know if  I’ll actually ever get it, so I suppose I should just put my foot down and WORK. I know that I need to take scene study classes, because none of the marketing stuff will mean anything if I don’t have the craft to back it up. That’ll be a goal for this summer, for sure. I also need to get serious about monologues. Being a musical theater performer, I don’t usually go to auditions where a monologue is required. But I know that I need to broaden my horizons a bit, and truly treat myself as an “actor,” not just a “singer.” This means that I need to have monologues worked and ready to go at a moment’s notice… which I don’t at the moment. So I’ll probably be spending a lot of time at Drama Bookshop this summer.

In that vein, I need to polish up my book and get it perfect. I need to have songs for every occasion, and have them all down COLD. I need to work on the acting moments in these songs, and truly treat them as I would any monologue. But I especially need to nail down my go-to material, what I think shows me best. I’m the kind of person who will just pull some random song out of my ass, out of sheer wishy-washy-ness (yay vocabulary). I can’t afford to be indecisive, not when a job is on the line.

I just need to make this my LIFE. This is my career, my business. Is is my responsibility to be prepared, show up, and give them hell.


Tonight, the gym. Gonna give myself a little hell. 🙂