Oh, the 90s, and watching PBS on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, had a good workout last night, even though there was a chick next to me who, no joke, was wearing a thong leotard with bike shorts underneath (all that was missing was the scrunchy socks). I mean, seriously, sometimes, I just… YOU HAVE to know that no one has worn that outfit to work out in since 1992. You HAVE to know that. So that means your choice to wear that today, in 2010, was a very deliberate choice. And I take offense at that choice. Just wanted to punch her to the ground and say “NO! NO, Jane Fonda! Get your ironic sportswear out of my face!”

Yeah. I have rage. At people who do intentionally stupid things.

Anyway. Thursday is another musical theater workshop with The Network, and I am stuck in the same old routine of picking 2 songs to sing. This time I am singing two full songs, which I am really not used to doing. It’s kinda throwing me for a loop. I know I have to bring something contrasting to my usual belty songs, but I’m not sure what song I have that does that, and is also workable as a whole piece, not just a cut. I’m leaning towards “A Quiet Thing” from Flora The Red Menace. Even though, if you want to squabble, I would still only be doing a cut of that song (there’s a whole intro that doesn’t really need to be sung for this purpose). Maybe Gotta Move for my whole piece… or Love You I Do from the Dreamgirls film. I haven’t worked that, so it’s a little scary. There’s a few notes in there that I don’t know if I can hit. Oh, I really need a coach to work this crap out with. Arg.

So I’ll be going over my book a little more tonight to hammer things down. Plus, I’ll be going to the bank to discuss loans for makeup school (yippee). And buying shoes.