Mets lost last night. Poo. Still, Citi field was fun. 🙂

Tonight is another musical theater workshop from The Network, led by Scott Wojcik from Wojcik/Seay Casting. According to their website, they cast a bunch of regional theaters, so that’s awesome. I’d LOVE to do something out-of-town (hell, I’d love to do anything). Singing “A Quiet Thing” from Flora, The Red Menace, and “Love You I Do” from the Dreamgirls movie… I just decided that I’m going to sing that last one, no matter what. I have confidence that I can pull those notes off, because I’m a diva (PS, the next musical theater workshop is called Divas 101… umm, hello? RIGHT HERE). The copy I had was from a song collection, so I had to perform a little “song surgery” this morning, cutting, pasting, copying, whiting out, putting it all back together again in order to make something that an accompanist could easily read, and to eliminate unnecessary page flipping. I hope it works out.

I’ll let you know how it goes… so close to vacation I can taste it!