Good class last night, indeed. We did things a little differently than the other workshops i’ve been to. In this one, we all sang one song in one round, then our second song in another round. I did “A Quiet Thing,” and I honestly got a little choked up at the end (I connect with that song a lot). Scott said I had a great voice, very rich. He added that I needed to smooth out the vocal transitions in the song, between my head voice and my chest voice (been dealing with that one FOREVER). Acting wise, I need to get a better starting moment in my head, and make myself a little more vulnerable. I’m playing it that the character didn’t think she really deserved the happiness that has been given to her, but she’s discovering that she really is (see why this song makes me tear up?)

Second, I did “Love You I Do.” Oh man, my adrenaline was pumping! I was really nervous to sing this. I mean, this is a problem I run into: with most NYC apartments having paper thin walls, how the HELL am I supposed to see how high I can belt? I had absolutely no idea going into this song whether I was going to be able to hit the big money note… SPOILER ALERT: I did! I mean, there are a couple of even higher notes that I did not hit, but I covered it well and I can work on that later (somehow). I was just so excited that I did the song well, I was shaking. I even caught Scott bobbing his head along with me during the song (thank god for peripheral vision). He said that is was a great song for me. He said that there are major swells in the music, taking the song upwards and upwards, and I need to make sure that it gets bigger and better. The song ends with everything coming back down to a much smaller place, so I have to make those swells contrast that ending.

After the class was over, I asked him about how my resume looked, and he said that the only thing that he would change is that I should specify where each theater was, and maybe not put the directors on there, since he didn’t know them. I’ll definitely change that. He said that it just looks like I’m just getting started (Which I guess is true), and that with the way I sing, it will propel me forward. He said that I’m a contemporary singer, but that I could do more classic stuff too, if I classed it up a bit with my outfit. Scott added that I could always just bump up the level of casual in my clothing. That’s doable.

All in all, I feel like I did really well with this one. I brought in some new pieces that I wanted to try, and got some confirmation that they’re good for me. It was actually kinda funny, since Wojcik/Seay did the casting for Astoria’s Children of Eden, which I wanted to go to but didn’t… oops. That’ll teach me. 🙂 But I really liked Scott’s advice, and how open and forthcoming he was. He seems like a really great contact, and I’m glad I got to perform for him.

Today I’ll be going to the gym, since errands and baseball games and workshops have kept me out of there since Monday. And then it’s the weekend, and then… ATLANTIC CITY VACATION! I’ll post if I can, but if not, I’ll do a rundown when I get back. Oh man, I need this vacation. Let’s win big!



*UPDATE* I got a call! AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!