Having fun today looking at makeup stuff online. I found another makeup academy in the city, but their website doesn’t really tell me much. I’ve requested some information, we’ll see how it goes. I just love makeup, and I really can’t wait to go to the school and give myself another skill set that I can use. And who know, it may even open up some other doors for me in other aspects of my career. Never hurts to know stuff.

Gym last night was pretty good, step class with Sofija. She’s nuts, and I like it. That’s they way I’d be if I were a fitness instructor, a psycho. The only complaint I hav is that I wish she’d make sure she can be heard, because last night the music was just loud enough to muffle whatever she said, so I missed a few calls. Oh well. Going back again tonight! Yay 3 days in a row.

Thursday I’m going to look at an apartment… yes, the time has come to move. I LOVE my current apartment, I’ve lived there for longer than I’ve lived anywhere in the city (almost 2 and a half years… damn). I’m really sad to leave it, but with all the changes that I’m preparing myself for, I’m really going to need to downsize, and cut down on my rent payments. So that will be nice, saving up the extra money. But in the meantime, I have to hope that wherever I go next will be just as inviting, convenient, and homey… sigh.

AND I just signed up for a master class from The Network with DAVE CLEMMONS. That is gonna be great. The last time this guy saw me must’ve been over 3 years ago, when I made an absolute ASS out of myself at an Evita call. GOD I hope he doesn’t remember that. Either way, this will be a great way to give him a fantastic new impression of me. Yay.

Starting to brainstorm about things I’d like for my birthday. Most of them include classes of some kind: makeup school, dance classes at Steps, a workshop or seminar at The Network, scene study classes at T. Schreiber. And some cookware. Maybe a gift card to Sur La Table, something fabulous like that… and movie cards are a no-fail for me.

That is all.