Oh man, I’d like to find an apartment soon.

Anyway. Gym last night, 3rd night in a row! woohoo. Giving myself on off night, hopefully will be looking at an apartment (if the girl writes back and tells me where it is… which isn’t looking likely). My legs are a bit sore today, which is great… I remember how awesome it was when I had a different schedule, and I could start my day off with the gym, instead of having to hit it on my way back from work, when all I want to do is crash. I’d like to get back to that routine someday.

This week went by quickly, so far at least. Mercifully. First week back from a vacation never seems real to me, like I’m not really here. I dunno.

Worked on the guitar last night. I’m trying to grasp bar chords. Apparently, once you learn them, all you have to do is slide your fingers up and down the fret board, and you’ve got a whole bunch of other chords. Just have to completely shred my fingers in the process. I’m trying to learn one new chord a week, and hopefully retain the ones I’ve learned. How do people play this instrument? Guitar is, seriously, the hardest thing ever. With the sax, it was just curl your lip under, lick the reed, and blow. Now I gotta contort my fingers into painful positions, bend my wrist in an unnatural way, and press down so hard on the strings I think they’re gonna slice me. Ai ya.
Anyway. Pray for me that this girl emails me the location of her apartment so I actually have something worthwhile to do tonight, and progress is made in this whole process. This weekend, the cleaning begins. ::sideshow bob shudder::