Saturday was spent dealing with apartment stuff, including my landlady unexpectedly bringing strangers in to view my apartment without notifying me. Awesome. Not embarrassing at all. We had a nice lunch at a nearby pub, went grocery shopping, yada yada yada. I actually had a nice, peaceful day at home, with the windows open and the sun shining, with my favorite person. Always good for the soul.

Sunday I did most of my little mini-goals for the week. I went to Sephora and checked out some new stuff I might like (didn’t buy anything, which is good). Went to Barnes & Noble and bought The Three Sisters by Chekov. Patti Lupone was in that a couple of times when she was younger, playing Irina, so I’m gonna look at that part. Also, I don’t really have enough classical knowledge, so it’s good all around. David Mamet’s translation. I also sold my old video camera… which was a bittersweet thing. I bought that camera before senior year, I had taped so many asanine things that probably didn’t need to be taped, but as I watched everything, I was glad I did. A play, dance concert, choir concert, talent show, conversations at my lunch table, NAU jazz/mad retreat, hours of conversation with high school friends, impromptu gatherings of hall-mates in my first dorm, a performance in my musical theater class, a trip to hilton head. me, just talking to the camera about things I was experiencing. I watched most of it, let it go, and threw the tapes away, and sold my camera.

Today I’m going to the gym. You know the drill.