Been watching Company clips off youtube. I’m pretty sure that has now become my favorite musical of all time. God will put me in that show at least twice. One time, sometime soon, so I can play Marta, and at least another time in 15 years or so, so I can play Joanne. Perhaps another Broadway revival. That wouldn’t be bad at all. 🙂

Anyway. Just signed up at SparkPeople. It’s got a lot of the things that I enjoyed about Weight Watchers, but it’s free, so that works. They’ve got good menu plans, tracking, and a whole community. So we’ll see how that works. I’d like to get down to a good weight again before the fall, so I can take new headshots, yada yada yada. I think I might’ve found the photographer I want, unless someone else magically makes themselves known in the meantime. Which is certainly possible.

Didn’t go to the gym yesterday. Stupid subway. It shouldn’t be allowed to run express on weekdays, that’s just shit. SO, I will be going today, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow I’m going to see Parent’s Evening at The Flea. Yay for shows. Yay for FREE shows. 🙂 BATS!