So last night I saw Parent’s Evening at The Flea. I liked it… I thought Julianna Nicholson was a bit stilted, but that could’ve been a character choice. I just felt like she could’ve been a bit more animated at certain times, but the character was a lawyer, and maybe is, by nature, more collected under stress. Whatever, just a personal thing. James
Waterston was really good. I looked at his bio in the program, and it said he was a recurring character on Six Feet Under, so I was intrigued. I just looked it up, and he played Kyle, George (James Cromwell)’s son, who left the poo on the front step! Yay! He’s also Sam Waterston’s son, so that’s cool. It’s funny, I just randomly saw a clip from Little Black Book on TV the other day, and Julianna Nicholson was in that, and then I just watched all of Six Feet Under again, and James Waterston was in that… Serendipity. All over the place. It was cool to go back to The Flea. Love that place.

I started SparkPeople on Tuesday, and already it’s been helpful. It’s got a lot of what I liked about Weight Watchers, with the added benefit of being FREE. I can track what I eat, and see the nutritional info about everything. I really didn’t know I was consuming so many calories. But now I have a better idea of what I really am eating. Plus they give you meal plans, and a lot of the stuff looks really great. I’m very glad that Andy showed this to me, because I think it will be very helpful in my quest to lose weight and be healthy.

Tonight I’m heading back to the gym, and then over to Flushing for a delicious steak dinner. I am so lucky that my boyfriend is an amazing cook. 🙂