Gym last night. Is Zumba supposed to be hard? Cuz it’s not. It’s a nice break for me, a fun little dance class, but I really don’t think I’m burning anything significant. Oh well, better than nothing.

Got a bunch of work ahead of me this weekend, but it’s all very vaugue. Basically, pack stuff up, throw things out. God I hate this. I just don’t know exactly how to do this. I think we’re gonna be leaving a lot of stuff behind, honestly. Bonus things for whoever takes the place. But there’s so many little tscotchkes littered all around the place. A lot of extra kitchen stuff. I guess we can donate that. I gotta tackle the kitchen this weekend, and throw out old candles and girly decorations. Pictures, weird fruit art, insanely old liquor, 80 billion plastic hangars, shabbos candles (thanks Sam), blah blah blah. So much poop. I just want to take care of my end, but I know I’m basically responsible for the whole place, which sucks ass. Someone better help me cart all our cable boxes and such to the mall next week.

Gym again tonight. Live to sweat.