The workshop last night was… interesting. As I predicted, it was largely a sell on another workshop. We mostly heard about colors, which… I mean, I agree that there are colors that people look better in than others, but I feel like the concept of “seasons” and all that are kinda outdated, and that modern image consulting has so much more involved in it. There needs to be a knowledge of fashion trends and how to put together a flattering outfit. I’m not saying this woman didn’t know those things, but after just observing her own personal style, it was evident that she wasn’t current with style… The thing that was really painful though was the complete lack of structure and direction. Plus some other people in the class were really clueless on the business of acting. I mean, it doesn’t matter what color you wear, or if you tie a sweater around your neck (i mean, that suggestion, right there, indicates that she didn’t know current fashion), if you are a tall beefcake with scruff in your 20’s, you will NOT be cast as a business man. And yes, inherently as actors, we have the ability to play many characters, even those quite different from ourselves. That should be a given. But if you don’t LOOK like those characters, you will NEVER be cast in those roles. Doesn’t matter if you put on winter colors. So all in all, for a free seminar, I got my money’s worth.

Today I’ll be going to the gym for Sofija’s step class, which will be fun.

Moving on Saturday morning…