I am subbing for the receptionist at my office today, tomorrow, and all of next week. Super boring.

The audition yesterday went pretty well. The acoustics in that little theater at The Producer’s Club were great! Sang Gotta Move, which was OK, but man, I’m really starting to notice how crazy my variations are. I need to really spend hard time with my material and lock it down (i’ve been saying that for a while now, but it’s still true). Monologue went pretty well, but it doesn’t have the best button. I remember looking through the text as I was putting it together, but I couldn’t really find anything… I may have to take another look at the scene and see what I can do with it.

Tonight will be busy. I’m going to the gym for Zumba (and I will try to make it physically worth it), then running home to do laundry, then pack up my clothes. I have to pick up some bubble wrap today so I can pack up my kitchen supplies too, but I don’t know how far I’ll get in that endeavor. Tomorrow is gonna be… nuts, to say the least. Please god, let my bosses be charitable and let us off early!