Did the Zumba class yesterday, and seriously, I was barely sweating. There’s just something about the intensity, or the tempo or something, but it’s just not hard enough for me. On the positiv side, I signed up for another Intensati workshop on Monday, so that’s excellent. 🙂

Tonight is going to be hard work. The final packing and organizing of things. Trying to figure out what to do with all the extra junk. Trying to keep from hyperventilating. I almost lost it last night, I wanted to just crawl under the covers, stick my fingers in my ears, and wait until it’s all over. Just stick me on the U-Haul with everything else and tell me when it’s done.

Party on Saturday, so that’ll be fun. Then I think I’ll see Sex and The City 2 on Sunday morning, just to give myself a little escape. I just pray that by Tuesday, all this will be over, and I can relax until my vacation to Phoenix. Please, gods of moving, grease this transition for me.