Well, that might just be the sweatiest weekend I have ever had. Woke up super early on Saturday to finish up, then picked up the U-Haul. We loaded up the van as best we could (took about 45 minutes), then jetted off to my new place. That wasn’t so easy: someone parked in the spot right in front of my building, then we had to move the van a few times… we wasted about 45 minutes on stupid shit. Finally we were done. At this point we had about an hour before we had to turn in the van, and still had another load of stuff at my old place that we planned to trash, and take the rest to my boyfriend’s place. And we were STARVING. So we decided to scrap the part of the plan that included taking a coffee table, some bookshelves, my old AC and a chair to his place, and just took it ALL to the dump (along with two dead laptops that we dismantled, my sister’s old christmas tree (sorry Kristen!), mirrors, two chairs, my old printer, and god knows what else). Then we jetted off to the U-haul and made it there just in time. We walked back to the apartment (since there was still a crap load of kitchen stuff to deal with), and when we got there, we just CRASHED. Man it was hot. But I eventually got up off the floor and did most of the work, and we resolved to come back tomorrow to get the AC, and finish up the cleanup. We returned to Flushing and ate some lamb. Then I went to another fabulous party at my friend Amy Jackson’s place (her birthday is ALSO tomorrow). Met some cool new people, and had excellent cake.

Sunday we went to Taco Bell, where they screwed up my order (how hard is it to understand 2 steak tacos, supreme?). Sometime that afternoon, we made it back to the old place, and I finished up. FINALLY. The landlords were not around to take a look at the place, so I knew I would have to come back on Monday… ah well. At least the hard part was over.

Monday… quite a day. Got up and went to an Intensati class at Pearl Studios. This was my second class with Erin Stutland, and I’m totally loving it. I wish it was more available, since it’s currently only offered at Equinox (which I could NEVER afford to belong to), and in a monthly workshop where you get one class a week (I want at least 2, if not 3). But it was great, I sweat like a madman. Then I treated myself to go see Sex and the City 2… which was odd. While the first movie seemed to be a logical extension of the stories, and had heart and lessons, this one was just LOOK AT THE CLOTHES!! THEY’RE IN THE DESERT! EVERYONE’S PHONING IT IN! But oh well, it was a nice break from all the craziness of the weekend, in an air-conditioned theater. Then I hauled myself (and 2 heavy bags of crap) back to the old apartment, met with my landlady, and got my security deposit! YAY! Then I walked 20 sweaty blocks, carrying those bags, to the subway, and finally settled into my new apartment. I still have a ridiculous amount of crap to unpack, and to figure out, but at least I have a bed.


Today I have an audition for a reading at Lark Theatre. So that’s cool… Updates tomorrow… on my BIRTHDAY!