So, today is my 24th birthday. I can so clearly remember my birthdays from the last few years. 19th I went to Central Park and had a nice lunch celebration for the end of 2nd semester at AMDA with my group. 20 I went to the Empire State Building with a friend and his mother. 21st I went to a Mets game with my sister. 22nd, I had just been dumped, and moped around Astoria all day, before having some sangria at Cavo. 23rd I spent the entire day alone, going to a ballet class, painting pottery, going to Barnes and Noble, sitting and reading in the park. Today… I am working. Oh well, guess I’m an adult now. 🙂 However, this birthday is great, because I have a boyfriend who actually wants to do something really special for me, and that makes me feel very lucky. Tonight we’re going to the Grand Central Oyster Bar, and then to a show! YAY for show!

Audition went well yesterday, everyone was very nice, and it was a cool experience to read sides and not have to sing.

Yesterday I was finally able (with the help of said boyfriend) to access an old laptop hard-drive. This was my very first laptop, and had a lot of stuff on there that I haven’t seen in years. A bunch of really great songs, and old pictures of AMDA and friends… really cool to see all that again. I had thought that after that computer died, I would never get those things again, but thanks to the wonders of technology (and an external drive), I get all these things back. Lots of reminiscing to ensue.

I’ll let you know what I thought of whatever show we end up seeing.

Starting my 25th trip around the sun.