Wearing my new shirt today. it is bizarre. Falls around my shoulders. Oh well, I think it looks cool. At least I hope it does.

The kickboxing class last night was really good. Felt nice to have a real workout, with actual sweat, feeling clean afterward…

Tonight is the master class with Dave Clemmons, and I can sing either one whole song, or two 16’s. I feel like the obvious choice would be the 16’s, just to show off range. I’ll probably sing what I sang for Scott Wojcik, A Quiet Thing and Love You I Do. I got a good response with those last time, so I’ll go with them again. I’m gonna try to keep it together tonight, the last time I had any kind of interaction with Mr. Clemmons, I made a right ass of myself. I hope he doesn’t remember (it was probably 3 or 4 years ago, so chances are good).

I’m getting closer and closer to my trip home to Arizona next week… man, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the heat, to my pool, to spending time with my family and just relaxing. Can’t come fast enough.

I’ll write tomorrow about the class.