Last night was great. Let me just say, Dave Clemmons is a badass. I would definitely like to go get a drink with this guy and just shoot the shit. He seems like a really fun guy.

Anyway, he went in alphabetical order (Which is awesome! no second guessing when you’re going). So, I went second. I sang Love You I Do first, as a 32, and then A Quiet Thing as a 16. He said that AQT was a great contrasting song to that first piece, and that my voice is a type of voice that he really responds to. I just have to be careful, on that song, not to sing it too much (meaning, act it more than sing it). Dave said that he believed that I was really talking to a person on both songs. He said that I sounded great on Love You I Do, and that it was a good way to show people what I can do. We mostly talked about casting me in general, as opposed to critiquing things I did during the songs. Dave said that I can make the choice of either losing or gaining weight, or staying the way I am. He had the inclination to tell me that perhaps I should try to stay the size I am, and see what happens. It’s possible, that with my vocals being what they are, that I could make something happen. He added that perhaps when I hit 30, if I haven’t gotten the results I wanted, then I can make the decision to lose or gain some weight. Of couse, I’m in the process of losing weight at the moment, so hopefully this won’t even be an issue. Anyway, he said that I have a great pop/rock voice (which I’m starting to hear more… perhaps more than the classical broadway singer I thought I was), and that I should have a lot of pop/rock in my book. He recommended that I look at anything by Heart (very cool). Also he said that I would be the perfect Nadia in Bare, so I’ll be looking at that musical, and perhaps picking up a song or two.

All in all, I think I made a good impression (he didn’t remember when I humiliated myself in front of him, and I didn’t remind him). I had a good time, and I’m glad I met him. I may take another class he’s doing, specifically on pop/rock auditions.


The gym again tonight.