Seriously! I’m leaving for Phoenix on Saturday morning, and the week is just draaaaaagggggging…

Anyway. Gym last night was good, Betzy taught a new class my gym will be offering in the fall. I couldn’t quite catch the name of it, but it sounded something like “KoGa.” At least that’s what I think it is, since it is a combination of kickboxing and yoga. It was some light kickboxing, with some basic yoga stretches. I liked it a lot, especially since I’m considering going to the yoga studio near my new apartment when my gym membership expires in August. It did bring to my attention that my knee problems might be an issue in yoga, what with all the bending. We’ll have to see.

It’s funny, I was thinking about how often I see people I know from my personal life in ads or in some other public presentation. Most people might live their entire lives never seeing someone they know that way, maybe becoming excited at seeing a friend or family member in the background of a live newscast. But as an actor, this is pretty magnified. I went to school with Max Crumm, who won the reality show “You’re the One That I Want.” His face was everywhere in New York, and even on the metro-north line. I had to walk by giant posters of the kid everyday (and he’s going to be in Easy A, with his friend Emma Stone)… strange. I actually went to school with at least 3 people (that I know of) that were on reality shows of some kind. I’ve just become aware that a kid I went to middle school with, D.C. Pierson, is now a member of Derrick, the comedy team, and is getting a lot of good press about the movie they made, Mystery Team, as well as seeing him on a commercial a few months ago. I mean, I talked to that kid all the time in 7th grade! We sat next to each other in Rattler Band, playing the alto sax. I also just saw my friend Jennifer Fouche in Time Out New York, for a review of her show with The Amoralists. I know 2 people who’re in Hair, in London and New York… It’s a weird position to be in, as an actor. Constantly surrounded by images of people you know, but other people just see them as their public selves. In a picture, in a movie, on TV, in a magazine, on the side of a bus… These are people I know. It’s like being in on a secret. And being really jealous about it. 🙂