I packed up my bag, I took care of everything i needed to take care of at home, packed my suitcase and lugged it to the train station, so that I could head straight over to my boyfriend’s place after work. Then on the train, I realized that I left my Zune at home. I am le screwed. Now I have to haul this bag BACK to my apartment so I can get the mp3 player, then haul it out to Flushing, effectively invalidating all the work I did last night and this morning to make that unnecessary.

Anyway. Zumba last night wasn’t so bad, I think that’s because the heat was (inexplicably) on, and I actually worked up a little sweat. Stupid pansy women, with their overhead fans. You came here to the gym to work out, not dance around a little and be fanned like Cleopatra. You should be here to SWEAT. If you’re not planning on messing yourself up, then get the HELL off the floor, and go home. Dumbass broads. (this really pisses me off, can you tell?) If I ever become a trainer, I’m gonna be mean. Not even about how many reps people do, or how low they bend their knees, but about wasting time and effort. I hate it when ladies talk all through class, or can’t seem to follow the movement on the beat, or just don’t even make a concerted effort to perform the movement. I get it that there are different fitness levels, and not everyone is at the level I’m at (and I’m still not the hardest worker I’ve seen. Sometimes the knees just give out on me). But TRY, dammit. That’s the only way you get better, and the only way you’ll ever see any difference in your body. If you just stand there, switching your weight from foot to foot, lifting your arms slightly every once and a while (there’s an old lady at my gym who does this. It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so angering. IF YOU CAN’T WORK OUT, GO HOME), you’re not going to see any results. You might as well go home and feed your cats. Cuz I know you have more than one.

AAAAANYway, today is the last day before my vacation. EEEEEEEEEEE. 24 hours from now, I will be just about there. Thank god. I probably won’t be posting while I’m gone (I know you’ll miss me ever so much), so I guess I’ll write about it when I get back. Hope you have as good a week as I’m about to have!